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Peter Kafwimbi
Kankomwila Foundation 
Peter Kafwimbi of Kankomwila Foundation is Supporting UN
Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 – Quality Education
as The Canvas Ambassador for Sustainability.

A youth-led community-based non-governmental organization, the Kankomwila Foundation with a primary focus on educating, empowerment, and enrichment of lives of the most vulnerable.

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Timmy Timbe February 17, 2023

Keep up the good works

Judith Mulenga March 3, 2023

Good work

Evance March 5, 2023

Keep up the good work bro

Ruth Audrey Ziba March 5, 2023

All the best comrade

Christabel Bwlaya March 5, 2023

Keep up the good work

David Phiri March 6, 2023

Keep on pushing for quality education for all.

Martha Chandhla March 8, 2023

Keep up the good work

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