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Painting the colours of sustainability.

World's 1st student SDG initiative.

Leading collective action.

Bringing together the student force, global communities, government agencies, and strategic partnerships to build cohesive societies and a sustainable future for all.

Promoting the world's 1st SDG Accelerator Academy

in the city of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
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The Canvas Guardian of Sustainability Awardee

Professor Prajapati Trivedi

Dr. Prajapati Trivedi is currently the Special Envoy for SDG Implementation, Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK. In addition, he is a visiting fellow at the IBM Center for The Business of Government, Washington, DC, and visiting Economics Faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

It is indeed our honour to recognize Dr. Prajapati on The Canvas dais as ‘The Canvas Guardian of Sustainability’.

About Us

The Initiation

Our Story

The Canvas is an initiation for and by the Indian student diaspora in the United Kingdom in creating the world’s first SDG accelerator activation and awareness programme. The Canvas has selected the United Kingdom as its impact country for the year 2022. The Canvas looks at working closely with the India and the UK government in probably the largest student awareness SDG activity in the world.

The Objective

The initiation aims to launch the student initiative in the United Kingdom in the month of July. The Canvas will arrange several bespoke events in the United Kingdom at prestigious universities and significant public arenas to raise awareness on the UN SDGs and deepen the India – UK alliance, while propelling the SDG Accelerator Academy in the city of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Knowledge Gap

The results show that students’ knowledge and information sources in relation to the SDGs are limited.

How can we flip the script?

Why it Matters?

The Canvas aims to accelerate the awareness and action of the global blueprint to build a sustainable future for all.

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People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnerships

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Economic, Social and Environmental Development

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Build Back

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Inspire and Mobilize Actions

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Action the Universal Agenda of 2030 UN SDG

The Genesis

Project Out of School Children

A unique container school project which provides quality education to students, teacher trainings to empower teachers, and create equal job opportunities in the community where the projects are setup and in operation. All synergies aligned with UN SDG action is how we are making a difference.

Under the aegis of Project OoSC, we initiate The Canvas.

Leaving No Child Behind
Strategic Partnerships
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The Canvas

Impact Country 2022: United Kingdom

The far-ranging and diverse student alumni in the United Kingdom puts notable impact on community and within societies, The Canvas acknowledges this force and aims to create the largest student awareness SDG activity in the world for the world’s first SDG Accelerator Academy.
Impact Country: United Kingdom
“The UK government is committed to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and propel awareness and action to improve peace, prosperity, access to healthcare and education and tackle climate change worldwide.”
Boris Johnson
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
10 Years to Change The World
Educating, Empowering and Mobilizing Students
Universities play an important role is empowering students on the UN SDG Action and becoming drivers of change.
principal project
SDG Accelerator Academy
Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Focus Country: India
"Much of India’s development agenda is mirrored in the Sustainable Development Goals. Our national plans are ambitious and purposeful; Sustainable development of one-sixth of humanity will be of great consequence to the world and our beautiful planet.”
Shri Narendra Modi Ji
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
The creativity, know-how, technology, educational and financial resources, strategic partnerships for the goals from all of society are necessary to achieve the SDGs in every context.
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Propelling the SDG Action under the aegis of Project OoSC and promoting the SDG Accelerator Academy through a series of awareness and acceleration events.
Curtain Raiser, Launch Event
Date: July 2022
Timing: 19:00 to 22:00 HRS

The world’s first student acceleration and awareness of the SDG to be unveiled this summer in London.

Earth Cup'22
Date: October 2022

A nine-hole Golf tournament curated by The Canvas to promote the SDG 15  – Life on Land, in collaboration with the patrons of the sport.

Teacher Awards Gorakhpur 2022
Date:  December 2022

The Canvas for Marian Foundation institutionalized a teacher reward & recognition program to promote SDG 4 – Quality Education.


Join us in the #DecadeofAction

Join us in the #DecadeofAction


What People
Say About Us

Testimonial 1
Project Out of School Children has given hope to those working in the social service arena by providing durable infrastructure within a budget. It is a futuristic in its approach as it proposes weather proof infrastructure which is technology friendly and belonging to a digital era.
Shabana Azmi, Actress and Social Worker
Testimonial 1
Project OoSC’s container school model is indeed in my opinion a Nobel Prize winning idea.
Dr. Prajapati Trivedi , Special SDG Envoy, Commonwealth Secretariat

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